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Air potato vine

Air Potato is Invasive & Prohibited in Palm Beach

Learn how to recognize and prevent this quick-growing vine from spreading. It’s notoriously difficult to eradicate so early identification and removal is critical.

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Invasive kudzu vine covering plants and trees in Florida

Watch for these Invasive Plants in Palm Beach

The Town of Palm Beach prohibits planting invasive species. Learn what they are, why they’re bad, and how to stop them from spreading on your property.

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A blue swimming pool on a Palm Beach estate leads to an outdoor living room, complete with furniture and an outdoor fireplace.

6 Ways to Create the Perfect Palm Beach Outdoor Living Space

Make the best use of your Palm Beach property and enjoy more time outside by incorporating these outdoor living space ideas into your landscape.

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A hedge for privacy on a Palm Beach property maintained by Coastal Gardens.

How to Enhance the Privacy of Your Palm Beach Property

Many Palm Beach residents find that they need additional screening to provide privacy throughout their property. Learn the three things to consider and the three best ways to create privacy that will give you both the seclusion and aesthetic appeal you desire.

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Rows of orange and yellow Jungle Geranium plants in South Florida.

5 Best Plants for Palm Beach Coastal Landscapes

Coastal properties in Palm Beach face difficult growing conditions, including wind, sand, sun, salt, and heat. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right plants for your landscape. Here are 5 hardy plants that are salt-tolerant, drought-tolerant, hardy, and can handle the heat, humidity, and storms that South Florida is known for.

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Palm trees surround an ocean view from a Palm Beach property maintained by Coastal Gardens.

Hurricane-Resistant Landscape Tips for Beachfront Properties in Palm Beach

Avoid landscape problems and reduce storm damage on Palm Beach coastal properties with these storm-resistant landscaping tips to make your property beautiful and safe.

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A lush green lawn in Palm Beach without any weeds.

Weed Control Options for Palm Beach Landscapes

Weeds can be a problem on even the most well-maintained Palm Beach property, popping up in lawns, flower beds, shrub borders, hedges, patios, and even plant pots. It often feels like no matter how often and how thoroughly you remove weeds, new ones appear almost immediately. But there are ways to successfully combat weeds, including environmentally friendly approaches that don’t involve toxic chemicals.

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