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The green leaflets of the invasive Old World climbing fern in South Florida.

The Invasive Old World Climbing Fern

In this article, we will show you how to recognize the invasive vine known as the Old World climbing fern (OWCF), how it spreads, why it is considered invasive, and what to do if you spot it on your Palm Beach property.

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A Palm Beach property cared for by Coastal Garden Professionals with a variety of plants suited for the Florida climate.

Landscaping Basics for your Palm Beach Property

In this article, we will go over the landscaping basics of these nine principles for Palm Beach properties and how Coastal Gardens utilizes them in our estate landscape services.

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Melaleuca trees growing close together and crowding out native species in Florida.

Melaleuca or Paperbark Tree

Melaleuca tree is native to Australia and other areas of the South Pacific. Melaleuca is banned by the state, federal, and regional agencies in the United States due to its propensity to displace native plants and trees. Learn what you should do if you find a Melaleuca tree in your property.

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A mostly-brown and died lawn with a few green blades of grass.

How Sea Spray and Flooding Can Damage Your Palm Beach Lawn

The salt from sea spray and flooding can cause damage to your Palm Beach property and landscape. This article will tell you why salt causes lawn damage and how you can repair the damages.

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Native South Florida plants on a Palm Beach property.

Using Native Plants in Your Palm Beach Landscape

New landscaping in Palm Beach must incorporate at least 35% native plants. Learn what native plants are, how to use them, and why it’s important to protect them.

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Chinese Tallow

Do you know that Chinese tallow tree is bad for your Palm Beach property? In this article you’ll learn how invasive this plant is and how to recognize it so you won’t add this to your property landscape and cause issues later on.

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Palms growing on a Palm Beach property maintained by Coastal Gardens.

Best Palms for Palm Beach

Palms, just like trees, needs to be planted at the right place. Choosing the best palms for your Palm Beach property will ensure their health and longevity.

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Brazilian pepper tree close up photo

Brazilian Pepper Tree: A South Florida Invasive Plant

This evergreen with bright red berries may be attractive but it’s highly toxic, spreading quickly, and banned in South Florida. Learn why it’s harmful, how to recognize and remove it, and what to plant instead.

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Air potato vine

Air Potato is Invasive & Prohibited in Palm Beach

Learn how to recognize and prevent this quick-growing vine from spreading. It’s notoriously difficult to eradicate so early identification and removal is critical.

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Invasive kudzu vine covering plants and trees in Florida

Watch for these Invasive Plants in Palm Beach

The Town of Palm Beach prohibits planting invasive species. Learn what they are, why they’re bad, and how to stop them from spreading on your property.

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