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A Coastal Gardens employee prunes a tree in Palm Beach to improve the view.

Improve Your Palm Beach View with Crown Reduction Pruning

Are overgrown trees blocking your Palm Beach Island view? Learn how Coastal Gardens can help reclaim your piece of paradise with crown reduction pruning.

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A single drop of water rises from the surface of a blue pool of water.

Grading and Draining Considerations When Planting Trees

Uncover the crucial role of grading and draining when planting in South Florida. Grow healthier trees and plants with these essential tips!

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Knowing when to prune your flowering shrubs like this vibrant blue hibiscus is an important consideration for your Palm Beach Island estate.

When To Prune Your Flowering Shrubs on Palm Beach Island

Discover the secret to vibrant blooms! Find out the best time to prune your flowering shrubs on Palm Beach Island for a garden bursting with color.

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Dozens of green aphids crawl on a red and green stem feeding on the sap inside. Aphid control starts with prevention.

Aphid Control on Your Palm Beach Island Estate

Aphids can impact the health and beauty of your Palm Beach Island Estate. Learn the signs of an infestation and how to control them before it’s too late!

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A lush green lawn with a curving square stone path leads to a brown brick patio lined with palm trees and ornamental bushes in front of a white two-story Spanish style home.

Why Your Palm Beach Island Soil Needs Supplemental Nutrients

Want a healthy Palm Beach estate landscape? You need better soil. Learn how your soil limits plant growth and the benefits of supplemental nutrients. 

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Beautifully landscaped pathway with some plants and palm trees aligned on both sides. An example of quality work from a quality landscaping company in Palm Beach.

10 Things to Look for in a Landscaping Company in Palm Beach

Don’t throw money away on poor landscaping service. Here’s what you should consider when hiring an estate care and landscaping company in Palm Beach.

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Close-up of a Coastal Gardens Estate Gardener hand pruning a shrub on a Palm Beach Property.

Why Does Coastal Gardens Hand Prune Rather than Shear Plants on Palm Beach Properties?

Coastal Gardens chooses to prune most plants and shrubs on Palm Beach properties, rather than shear them. So what is the difference and why do we choose to hand prune plants?

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A formal espalier pattern along a wall on a Palm Beach property maintained by Coastal Garden Professionals.

Espaliers for your Palm Beach Property

Espaliers are any plant or tree trained to grow against a flat surface. Learn more about this unique pruning method for your Palm Beach property and how Coastal Gardens can help you create your own espalier.

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White flowers bloom on a Southern magnolia tree in Palm Beach, Florida.

Southern Magnolias for Your Palm Beach Property

The southern magnolia is an ideal choice for Palm Beach, but certain considerations need to be taken. Due to their full-grown size, enough space is necessary. Many cultivars of these trees also have surface roots which means they should be planted away from pedestrian areas. Despite potential drawbacks, the southern magnolia’s many cultivars mean you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your Palm Beach property. They are beautiful to look at and their lush, thick foliage mage them a perfect property divider.

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Trees, plants, and landscaping on a Palm Beach property managed by Coastal Gardens.

Trees to Add to Your Palm Beach Property

We’ve previously written about trees and plants that you should remove from your property due to their invasive or non-native status, but what trees do we encourage you to add?
In this article, we’ll cover some trees that grow well in Palm Beach.

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